What is Premium Tips?

Premium Tips are picks of the day from qualified Tipsters. Punters need to pay to view the picks. Payment for each pick will be paid to the particular provider/tipster where FootballEPL will share a 40% of the selling price.

How does it work?

In order to qualify as a Premium Tipster and start selling your Premium Tips, one must meet the requirements below:

  1. You need to be a registered member and take part in FootballEPL.com Tipster Competition.
  2. You must place at least 30 bets in the competition.
  3. You must hit a minimum Winning Bets of 50% and Positive Yield.

In just a few clicks, you can set up your Premium Picks and our system will do the rest of processing for you, from users purchase till picks delivery. All successed purchases will be shown in "My Earnings" page.

As a Premium Tipster, you can sell your pick at price from €10 Euro to €999 Euro. From there, FootballEPL will share a 40% of your selling price. You will get paid only after two months because we need to make sure there is no charge back on customers' side for their transactions. If there is a charge back, we reserve the rights to reject any of successful transactions even if it has been showed up in "My Earnings" page. All payments are by Paypal or MoneyBookers.

We reserve the rights to temporary suspend any Premium Tipster account with poor performance in our Tipsters Competition. You may request to restore your account from suspension if you successfully get a good result and meet the above requirements thereafter. It is FREE for account unsuspended.

In order to set up Premium Tips account, we are charging one time startup fee of  €100 Euro. *Note: You get a waived of startup fee if you have an excellent performance in Tipster Competition.

To Apply for Premium Tipster account, please write to us at info@footballepl.com.

For clarification or feedback, please click here to contact us.

How to set up Premium Picks?

  1. Set up a Premium Pick is just like the way you placing your bet for Tipster Competition. All you have to do is choose your selected bet as Premium Pick and set the price.
  2. Every premium pick must with mininum payout of 1.70.
  3. Your Premium Picks will be published in "Premium Tips" page, your wall and match detail pages.